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Cleaning solution 360ml

Cleaning solution 360ml
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Price: $7.68
Availability: In Stock
Model: 360 ML
Manufacturer: Piiloset
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars!

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Cleaning solution 360ml

Developed for cleaning, protein removal, disinfecting, storing and rinsing of all soft and silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

Excellent disinfecting efficacy

BioSoak is a very efficient and safe care solution. The disinfecting effect is based on the exceptional co-operation of the disinfectant and biological cleaning agent. It removes efficiently deposits, such as proteins and lipids, from the lenses.

Unique & gentle biological cleaning agent

The biological cleaning agent facilitates and enhances the operation of the disinfectant. Developed by Piiloset, the eye-friendly biological cleaning agent is used in Piiloset care products only. The tissue compatible and biodegradable special agent breaks down on the eye without causing eye or skin irritations. Furthermore, it does not harm any natural organisms in the water and leaves no chemical residuals.

Eye-friendly BioSoak suits sensitive eyes 

Concentration of the active ingredients is determined to an optimized low level. Compared with synthetic surface active agents, the biological cleaning agent works extremely effectively in very low concentration.

Analyzed by the specialists of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation, BioSoak is confirmed not to contain generally irritating ingredients, and has the right to use the “Allergy Label” claim. This right has been granted to Piiloset care products only. BioSoak does not contain ingredients of animal origin and it is not tested on animals.


Developed and produced in an environment friendly way, the biodegradable BioSoak does not harm any natural organisms in the water. The whole production process is carried out with respect to the nature.

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